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Welcome to my website. It’s not here just so that you can buy my books (though as a still-fledgling author I’ll be thrilled if you do). What I’m hoping is that we can start a dialogue. As you’ll discover if you read my novels/blog/journalism what I’m really interested in doing is engaging with women of my generation. Without talking specific numbers (it’s getting to that point, I’m afraid, when I’d rather not), I’m what’s called a baby boomer, and although no longer a baby I’m still booming. I love to hear stories about how women deal with their lives – their stories of success and survival. Tales of husbands, kids and friends, love and loss and work and laughter. Living well is the best revenge said the sagacious George Herbert, clergyman and poet. I’ll drink to that – with a mojito. What are you having?

Linda Kelsey
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