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About Linda

The hard work began only after dropping out of Warwick University where I went, ostensibly, to read History. But instead of reading I partied. I also joined student sit-ins against secret files, protested against the bomb and sat in awe as Germaine Greer, then a lecturer in English, strutted the stage and hooked me into feminism. It was fun while it lasted, but it only lasted a year.

My first job was typing out recipes for Good Housekeeping Magazine. The typing was not great and I dread to think how many ingredients got lost along the way. I then moved on to Cosmopolitan and soon after became the lucky girl who got to interview the Bachelor of the Month.

Over the next goodness knows how long I worked on several magazines including Options and Company before eventually becoming editor of Cosmo and subsequently SHE. It was fun, exciting and hard graft in equal measure. I enjoyed the company of wonderful women who became my mentors and/or lifelong friends. The bitch may be alive and well but she wasn’t back then.

Since going freelance a few years back I’ve written for a host of magazines ranging from Woman and Home and Saga to In Style and Easy Living, newspapers including The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph and The Daily Mail. In the past four years I’ve written three novels and a couple of regular newspaper columns.

After a twenty-five year relationship I find myself single again. I live in London with my son, when he’s not at uni, and Cuba the Labrador.